Syncro Studios | An Emmy Award-Winning Production Company
A Full Scale Emmy Award Winning Production Company focusing in making small stories universal and larger-than-life stories deeply personal.
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We make small stories universal and larger-than-life stories deeply personal.



Our Emmy award-winning videos will tug at your heart, make you bust a gut and challenge your brain.



Preparation, observation, a good eye and luck is our framework for photos. Don’t rely on your phone.



From concept to completion we design and implement solutions for any brand or campaign.


Unique perspectives always share a point of interception. This means something to agree on, a shared way of thinking or seeing. This point, once we’ve found it, becomes the center of Syncro Studio’s messaging, client by client. That’s how we use syncro-nicity. We align target audiences to your message with compelling stories told through video, photo and creative strategies.


Syncro Studios was founded under the photography framework of patience, observation, timing, and a good eye. We offer services that are thoughtful, unconventional, effective and reach your audience in an engaging and memorable way across multiple platforms and the greater public.


Simon Edelman is the founder and creative director of Syncro Studios. Simon is a five-time Emmy© Award-winning producer who excels in storytelling through various visual mediums. With vast experience in producing, writing, directing, editing, and photography, Simon has the unique ability to not only create strategies and concepts, but also execute those concepts through all phases of production.


Simon is also the Chief Creative Officer for the U.S. Department of Energy. Prior to that he served as Creative Director for Resolute Consulting and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn where he was critically acclaimed and awarded for several of the television spots and web videos that he produced.


Previously based on the West Coast as a freelance producer, writer and photographer. He has produced behind-the-scenes photos and videos for FOX television, Hyundai, and the Rogue Artist Ensemble.